Cómo funcionan las lentes Transitions®?


Transitions adaptive lensesare variable tint lenses which activate when exposed to Ultra
Violet radiation (UV rays).
Transitions adaptive lensesbenefit from an exclusive patented
Technology developed and constantly improved by Transitions Optical. W
hen the UV light
diminishes, Transitions adaptive lenses fade back to clear.
Transitionslenses help reduce
glare as they automatically adapt to outdoor light Intensity, improving contrast and
reducing eye fatigue.

By working hand in hand with Transitions Optical, Shamir offers premium photochromic
progressive & single
vision lenses with high performance. The collaboration between
Shamir and Transitions Optical merges cutting-edge lens designs with state-of-the art
photochromic technology.
This combination provides patients with high added value
lenses offering optimum indoor/outdoor comfort.


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Transitions Signature RGB color darkblue horizontal eps 


  Optimal balance between outdoor darkness and indoor clarity. 

   • Everyday adaptive lenses with a fast fade back speed.

   • Clear as an ordinary lens indoors.

  Available in:   TRAS 1212059 GREY BROWN LQ FA

   Great for those who:

   • Want clear lenses indoors.

   •Go outdoors at different time of the day.

   • Spend generally more time indoors.


      8 copy 9 copy 7 copy

             Clear inside                  Continually                    Dark in bright
             and at night                  adapts                            sunlight


Transitions xtractive dark blue horizontal c


  Extra protection against glare, because they are always active - even when driving.

  Extra dark even in hot temperatures.

   •Filter indoors for extra comfort.

   Available in:  19

  Great for those who:

   • Spend a lot of time outdoors and driving.

  Seek strong protection.

   • Are light sensitive.

      1 copy 3 copy 2 copy

            Filter indoors               Activates behind              EXTRA dark in
                                                    windshield                        bright sunlight


Transitions Drivewear logo horiz BLACK2


Regular sunglasses have a set tint no matter what situation you are in, they are always the
same shade. In addition to have everyday adaptive lenses, Transitions® has a line of adaptive
sunglasses with an initial tint that increases with the intensity of sunlight.

Transitions® Drivewear® lenses are polarized adaptive sunglasses that adapt continuously to
reduce glare and optimize colour contrast for a superior driving experience. They were
designed specifically for driving and are ideal for a second pair.

Great for those who:

   • Drive a lot.

   •Are frequently outdoors.

   •Seek more visual comfort in the car.


        Drivewear-ThreeStatesOfTheLens-new copy 1 Drivewear-ThreeStatesOfTheLens-new copy 2 Drivewear-ThreeStatesOfTheLens-new copy 3
                  Overcast /                    Bright light /                 Bright light /
                  Low light                      Behind the                    Outdoors
                  Conditions                    windshield


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