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Transitions®Drivewear® is powered by using two of the most advanced technologies found in the eyeglass industry:


Transitions® photochromic technology and the NuPolar® polarization technology.
The human eye is a wonderfully designed instrument to collect visual information.
Transitions Drivewear’sthree different “stages” have all been designed to
maximize the eye’s natural abilities in each of the different light conditions
encountered both outside in direct light and behind the windshield of a car.

Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the colour and tint of the lenses as
light conditions change. The lens changes tint to provide the ideal colour for each driving condition:

Low Light / Overcast Conditions


High Contrast Green / Yellow Colour
Designed to maximize useful light information reaching the eye.
POLARIZED to remove glare that would otherwise destroy vision in low light conditions.

Behind the Windscreen
Daylight / Driving Conditions


Copper Color
Designed to remove excess light and to provide good traffic signal recognition; highlighting
the reds and greens. POLARIZED to remove glare for safe driving vision.

Bright Light / Outside Conditions


Dark Reddish Brown Color
Designed for maximum filtration of excess light so that the eye does not get saturated.
POLARIZED to provide maximum comfort in highlight conditions.



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